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Vertical Lift Modules
A vertical lift module is an automated high-speed, high-density vertical storage unit which delivers trays to the unit's ergonomically designed work station

Vertical Lift Modules



Space Savings ::
Vertical storage modules make fuller use of available overhead space while saving up to 90% of valuable floor space

Productivity ::
Operators do not walk and search for an item.  Two-thirds of operator search time can be eliminated.  

Accuracy ::
Order and Inventory accuracy is greatly improved over traditional systems.  Software and other options can further improve accuracy

Security ::
Items are out of sight within the vertical modules and may be locked when not in use.  Contents may be password protected.

Safety & Ergonomics ::
Eliminate bending, climbing, walking, and stretching. Safety features ensure operator safety.  Optional tilt-try system can present items at an ergonomically correct 45 angle

Flexibility ::
We can help you select the best vertical lift module solution based upon your particular needs




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