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Horizontal Carousels
A horizontal carousel is a series of linked bins, mounted on an oval track, that when activated rotates the bins to bring the required items to the operator

Top Drive Carousel

Bottom Drive Carousel

Twin Bin Carousel

Pallet Carousel


Improved Customer Service ::
The flexibility and efficiency of these systems allow you to provide your customers what they want, when they want it and how they want it

Fast Payback- Return on Investment ::
Increased efficiencies often allow companies to recover their investment within 16 months

Reduced Man-Hours ::
Save up to two-thirds of previously required man hours

High Density ::
Reclaim up to 75% of wasted floor space.  Carousels placed next to each other can eliminate wasted aisle space.  Assorted bin sizes, instantly adjustable shelves and tiered carousels further maximized storage density.

Ship orders quicker and more accurately ::

Reduced Inventory ::
Accurate and timely inventory data can reduce inventory levels and shortages

Reliability ::
Extremely durable equipment ensures nearly 100% uptime

Easy Integration and Flexibility ::
Systems can be adapted to your particular company's requirements

Progressive Assembly Carousel


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