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Mitchell Handling Systems is a proud member of the Material Handling Equipment Dealers Association. 

We are also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Material Handling Group.

We keep abreast of the latest technologies and developments in order to provide world-class service and solutions to our valued customers.

About Us
Thank you for your interest in Mitchell Handling Systems.

Since 1982 we have delivered custom-engineered, cost-effective solutions to maximize, productivity and space utilization. A piece of equipment from our catalog or a complete warehouse system, Mitchell Handling Systems experienced personnel will find solutions to even the most unique material handling problems.

Mitchell Handling Systems is committed to supplying the highest quality and best value for our customers that include:
  • Ford Motor Company (21 locations)
  • General Motors Corp. (24 locations)
  • Daimler/Chrysler Corp. (15 locations)
  • American Axle Mfg. (3 locations)
  • Visteon (5 locations)
  • Meijers (12 locations)
  • Major Vitamin
  • Pfizer
  • DME
  • Honeywell
  • Unisys
  • Control Data
  • General Wine & Liquor
  • Jabil Circuit
  • Kmart
  • Express Tool and Die
  • Valenite
  • Exotic Systems
  • Kelsey Hayes
  • Beautecraft Supply
  • ZF Batavia

Material Handling Systems, Solutions, Service, and Software


Our systems typically interface and communicate with your host business system. Material handling equipment is an aid to productivity, safety, and ergonomics. At Mitchell Handling Systems the understanding of our customers business is paramount to assure the most suitable solutions for your companies specific needs. Our customers’ satisfaction goes beyond company management to the people that use the equipment daily and the repercussions of doing more in less space, ergonomically and safely.

Every business is different. Our complete line of pre-engineered products offers proven technology of the highest quality and greatest economic benefit. Increased productivity and space savings are the goals of the solutions we provide, with the promise of an organized and logical blend of labor and equipment. Our 30 years of experience bring the benefits of knowledge and wisdom for the answer to your particular problem.

Mitchell Handling Systems offers installation and maintenance of all our products and systems. Productivity is based on up time. Our goal is to keep your business productive with products that keep on working. We have equipment that, even after over twenty years, remains in service providing the benefits and payback on a daily and often 24 x 7 basis. Technology changes and we are constantly up-grading equipment to insure our solutions maintain state of the art productivity. We can work with your staff or provide turnkey installation, service and maintenance.

The software solutions we offer are proven products that automate and integrate your distribution, warehouse management, order picking systems, and supply chain. Products are based on best practices learned across many industries.
Increased productivity is based on the software organizing activities to reap the benefits of batching and commonality, reducing wait time and labor while increasing storage density. A full range of service and training is available including 24 x 7 support.

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